Monday, 31 March 2008

Oh Bother!

When in a relationship, things have to be decided together. Certain liberties that you once took for granted are gone. The days of carefree and inconsequential decisions are over. This was the case the other night.

As many of you know, I lead a very busy life with work and school full time. Certain luxuries like spontaneous dinners or lunches must be scheduled. I adhere to my schedule religiously. Last weekend, I got an unexpected call from an old college friend, Maria. She's a fabulous European exchange student from Greece who I met at my old alma mater. During her stint at school, we went club hopping, bar hopping, shopped together, and ogled cute boys on the beach. When Maria met her boyfriend Vlad and moved to LA with him, I was so sad. So naturally, when she came to town I dropped everything and accepted her invite to go to dinner.

We ended up in Ybor City at the Acropolis Greek Taverna where they served really great Greek food.They even had belly dancers gyrating to music. It was like being in a Sultan's Harem. I had such a good time that I left my cellphone in the car without knowing it.

When the night was over, I took Maria back to her sister's house and opened my cellphone.

Twenty missed calls. All of them from Sam.

I called him back, but he didn't answer the phone. So, I naturally shrugged it off and figured that I'd call him in the morning.

The next day my phone rang at 8am. It was him and he was pissed.

Sam: Why didn't you answer your phone?

Me: Sorry. I left it in the car. I didn't realize it 'til later. I was with an old college friend, Maria. I hadn't seen her in like a million years.

Sam: Well that was really inconsiderate of you. You couldn't pick up the phone and tell me where you were? You know you always do this. You always think about yourself. You never think about me.

At this point in the conversation, my ears started ringing and I was starting to get mad.

Me: You know what. I'll call you later when this is out of your system.

I promptly hung up the phone.

In analyzing the situation, I must admit that I was wrong. I should have called him. I should have said I was going out with friends. But he didn't have to get all loud and aggravated at me! Relationships do take a lot of work and patience. Sometimes I think he's worse than my Mom. He calls me on his breaks, during his lunches, on my breaks and lunches, when I go home, when I wake up, not to mention all the text messages.

It gets tedious.

Then again I guess it's a small price to pay for having someone who you can say loves you as much as you love them.

As for the fight, don't worry. It all blew over a few days later. Literally and figuratively.

We always seem to have the best sex after fighting.

Thursday, 27 March 2008


I just finished watching a recent episode of the Correspondents. It was about students studying in the Philippine National School for the Blind. I cannot even imagine what it is like to be blind ;not being able to see colors and the beauty of the world. You would think these students would just give up. Instead, they learn how to become self-sufficient and independent.

Unfortunately, after graduating from high school most of them find it difficult to be enrolled in colleges and universities. Worse yet, they find it even more difficult to find jobs.

I do realize that the Philippines is not like the United States. I do know that many of the opportunities that exist here are not afforded to many in the Philippines.

What can Filipinos do? You ask.

As one of the blind teachers said in the program,
“We don’t need pity. We need opportunity.”
These people are not wallowing in self-pity. They are making the most of what they can. They are fighting back against their disabilities and showing their worth. Please give them a chance. If you’re in Human Resources, a manager, or someone in a position to give them the opportunity to show their skills, please do so. All they need is reasonable accommodation.

Give them a chance.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Good Friday

I was going to post some new stuff, but I remembered that it's Good Friday. Out of deference to all Christians, I will not post it until Easter.

I remember my Lola would always tell me that Jesus would die on Friday and since Christ would not be around until Sunday, we should all behave and be good lest the devil should take our souls and aswangs attack!

I will take the opportunity now to answer questions and comments.

@Quentin- SATC the movie comes out May 30 in the US. I think. I hope.
@Rye- I am soooo excited to see it! I count the days!
@Nelson- I had no idea there was such a group as the Gucci Gang. I don't believe that the Philippines is a nation of thieves, just a majority of those in power.

For those who commented about the political situation in the Philippines, keep in mind that all things come to pass. Even GMA's Administration. There is an end to all things.

Thank you for the comments and for those who read though my posts have become few and far between.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Hell Hath No Fury

For those of you who don't read Bryanboy, this blog has been introduced on one of his posts. It's written by an ex-boyfriend of DJ Montano, one of the members of Manila's young, elites. They call themselves the Gucci Group. This blog has really exposed the Manila Elite.

Trust me. For those who live in Manila--the Philippines for that matter, you will recognize their names. I, of course, withhold all judgments. I am just here to read. But from what I can see. The guy should get his money back.

Hell hath no fury like a jilted lover.

Click Here to read the blog which will be THE TALK of the Town.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Tama na Dong!

Whenever she speaks, it always makes me laugh.
Imagine if you had to be one of her kids!
I guess that she's a prime example of a showbiz mom.