Wednesday, 30 May 2007


One of my Guilty Pleasures is Pinoy Showbiz. There. I admit it. One of the best love teams is KIMERALD: Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. The two of them are just so adorable! Bah! I know it won't last. It NEVER LASTS BETWEEN TWO REALLY GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE. That's a theory of mine anyway. I just love the song on this video by Itchyworms. Kinda spells out how I feel right now...

the Emancipation of Thadie featured a poem by Pablo Neruda from a post by Life Funtastique. It made my eyes water and a tear fell. I remembered K. If it's meant to be, LoVe will find a way, right?!?!

Congrats to Miss Japan!

Mood: Love sick

Monday, 28 May 2007

Inside My Bag

Bryan Boy has a site called where you can submit a picture of your bag and its contents...

Here's my submission:

The Contents of my LV Abesses Messenger bag include:

1. LV Wallet with all the right plastics (I don't like to carry cash)
2. Orbitz gum to keep my mouth fresh
3. Ipod Nano
4. LV Sunglasses (a must here in Florida)
5.Bluetooth Headset
7. Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil (always always smell good!)
8. Dior Clear Lip Gloss
9. Silver Swatch
10. Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (pleasure reading)
11. Textbook: Through the Eyes of a Child (for my Summer Course entitled Early Childhood Literacy)

There you have it. That's what's in my bag as of now. Ciao!
P.S. I want to thank McVie for his comment. The entry was great! He's such a great writer! I have a thing for writers you know...j/k! Click Click for his post!

Sunday, 27 May 2007



I found out after watching the Buzz (yes. i'm addicted to pinoy showbiz. it's a guilty pleasure.) I am shocked I tell you! WALANG HIMALA!

Read the Article Here.


Tomorrow I start my long, neverending battle to regain my girlish...errr boyish/perfect figure. I wish I was as thin as Bryan Boy He looks sooo good now with his sharp sharp cheekbones! Anyway I have a super secret plan to do it...mainly not eating. Sooooo long carbs, sugars, chocolates...the list goes onnnnnnn...I've done it before...I survived on nuts, cheese, and diet coke...What I do to fit into Couture!


As Bryan Boy says...Thinspiration!!!

One Sentence.

I DO LoVe You K!

Hint Hint: (Name is the same of a Japanese designer)

Cowardly Love Sick Me...

I'm a coward. Should I fight for the man that I love? He does have a bf now. One side of me says that I should, while the other says that I really really should pick up what pride I have left and simply leave him alone. Leave him alone. The thought just digs into my brain. I don't think I can leave him alone. I miss his voice way too much. He always knows how to make me laugh. His current bf is someone that he speaks very highly of and I really can't pass judgment on the guy (the bf) since I really don't know him.

This is driving me insane.

It's something that I want but I *THINK* I can never have. So here I am at 2AM in the morning still thinking. Still thinking. Should I woo him? I don't know. I don't want to seem pathetic (I probably am in his eyes). Bah! Who cares what the world thinks! I just wish that he would take notice; that he would speak to me. I just admitted to myself and to my friends that I do love him and that each time we speak is special to me. I want him to know that I still still still have the song that he sent to me months ago. I told him he was corny, but inside I relished it. Why do I do that? Do I fall in love too easily? Was he just being kind? Was he just flirting? Was he serious? Holly GoLightly!

This infatuation won't die down easily.

It never does.

Soooo Here I am at 2 AM. and all I want to do is here his voice. But I'm too much of a chicken to call him.

Mood: Sad :(

Friday, 25 May 2007

I Heart Maroon 5

I just love love love Maroon 5. I've had a crush on Adam since I was in high school! Anyway, this is their new video/single:

Adam looks sexier than ever! You guys think he's uncut? hehe. Ironically I lost my virginity (to a girl) while a Maroon 5 song played...

Ahhhhh! I was soooo confused back then...Good thing I saw the LIGHT!

The song's very 80'ish non?!?! Anyway it's good to jog to so put it on your ipod !

Introducing Jackie O. a.k.a. Pregnant

Jackie O. is a friend of mine at work. She's a feisty Latina with a very pretty face and a very laxed attitude. I don't know how she ended up with her current bf (baby daddy) because he's ABSOLUTELY FUGLY. Anyway, Jackie O is now 9 mos. pregnant and the baby still still still won't come out. Everyone's been telling her to walk more and walk with black socks, no underwear, etc etc. Then I asked Mother what she would recommend. Mother said: "She should have sex." Just like that. Point blank. I dispensed this advice to Jackie O. and she replied, "I already tried that. Bill thinks he's hung so much that he'll stab the baby's head." It was then that I rolled my eyes. Raised my eyebrow. And said:

"If you swallowed in the first place. You wouldn't be in this situation."

Poor Jackie O. I hope the baby doesn't take after his father and becomes just as fugly. Thank God I am what I am. At least I won't have to worry about being preggers!

P.S. We joke around like this a lot. I did buy her baby stuff from Gap Baby so at least he'll be fashionable. non?

Thursday, 24 May 2007


Went out to dinner with the parentals this evening at an Italian restaurant. I had the veal, Mother had some seafood thingy and Dad had Chicken Parmigiana. It's his favorite restaurant. Right after dinner, I suddenly felt dizzy and very faint. I was gonna collapse. Good thing I made it to the car and into my room for a nap. I think it was the heat. I'm still not used to the heat. I live in an airconditioned cocoon.

I did absolutely nothing all day. I went to the bank to ask for a loan of some sort. Apparently, I had to call some number. Plus, I didn't like the "loan specialist's" attitude. I hate dealing with people especially when it comes to dealing with MY MONEY. I really detest banks, bankers, and insurance companies. No offense to anyone who work in those industries. I just feel that they just suck the money out of people. I ended up calling JPMorgan and they set me up with the loan that I wanted. Thank God for good customer service!
I still Think of HIM. Especially at night. Let's leave it there. Maybe I'll call him. Maybe I won't. I don't know. Thank you Flash for the comment!
At least my headache's gone.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Thinking at Night

So Here I am in the middle of the night and am still as restless as evarrr. I can never force myself to sleep because it makes me reflect on my life especially my love life or rather the lack thereof. I can't stop thinking of HIM and HE knows who he is...I just wish we could be together. Damn the Distance!
I know. I know. LDR's never work out etc. etc. I just loved how he can see right through me. It must be nice to have someone. I guess...I really really really like him and miss his voice and our conversations. I should just swallow my pride and call him. But the last time I did was in SF. I was drunk. My bff's said I said something to the effect of "I want to have sex with you at the St. Francis Hotel where we can have a view of Union Square and Louis Vuitton." Apparently I kept on telling him I much I loved him and he replied I love you too ( I think. I hope.)
Nothing will ever come out of it. He has a bf now.

I got this quote from flash's blog:
"But don't get me wrong, being not an irreplaceable person doesn't mean always mean that you're a very good person. The other person, who might think he isn't good for you, may feel he isn't irreplaceable, so he'll exit himself out of your perfect life..."

Exit out of my perfect life. I miss him. I'm becoming a desperada.

I made my super secret plans known to the parentals: That I would move to SF after I graduate. They were kinda happy. Mother plans to buy a house in the old country and start some sort of business (she's not that good at handling money). Dad want to move to Seattle (I'm dubious about that plan). They figured they can move to the West Coast. I think all of us have had enough of the Sunshine State. Too much sun. Too much cancer (poor dad got skin cancer last year. it's ok now though). and TOO MANY OLD PEOPLE! People come to Florida to die, as my friend Tom always said. I always thought they'd get divorced. But now separation is in the negotiations. Divorce is icky and messy. Kaloka! ang parentals ko!
Anyway I realized that I was getting older. Old enough that my parent's don't just dismiss my ideas...Ah! the power of youth!
Mother absolutely loved her new LV damier azure pochette. Something she can put her makeup in. Something she can stick inside her even larger bag.

One of my purchases in SF was a body scrub made from Dead Sea Salt and body butter from Onsen. I was apprehensive in purchasing at first since I only use Clinique. But the body butter smells so goooood on me. Wish I had a b/f I can share it with. hehe. :( But I don't. Oh well.

I love love love H&M! I wish there was one here in the land that time forgot...errr Tampa. At least we have LV, Dior, Neiman, and Saks.

Thnks to Tactology for the comment. You can read his blog. Here.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

I suck at blogging.

I haven't posted anything for a week. I was too lazy and so I decided to just have fun in San Francisco. We shopped, slept, shopped, clubbed, shopped, ate, and of course shopped. I finally finally bought my LV abesses messenger bag, an LV wallet and a new pair of LV sunglasses. I introduced my friendships to the fabulous and chica world of H&M. They loved it. I love love love San Fran. Everything's so chica about it. It's like a little New York. I'll post other stories later.

One of my bff's convinced me to highlight my hair which is something I said I would never evar evar do. But it looks great. Anyway, I just want to post this song/music video for someone special to me. I wish things could be different for the two of us but I think I know that it won't work least not at this time. Maybe another time...i dunno. As I said before the only man in my life right now is Louis Vuitton and of course I have my abfab, wonderful, fun-freaking-tastic friends...I love you guys...

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Al Catraz

Today we went to Alcatraz to i dunno... maybe learn something. Anyway the island was just as it should be--a prison/tourist trap. Anyway more than the sights and the beautiful views of the Capital of the Badafs...there was plenty and i mean plenty of eye candy...Brits to French to Swedes...eye candy galore. My travelmate/bff couldn't take his eyes off the Brits and even followed them to the bookstore pretending to buy cocoa. There you have it. We ate dinner at Fisherman's Wharf while watching the sunset....well it was overcast. Time for bed. Napa valley and the Vineyards await us tomorrow. Ciao!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Travelling through HELL

Flying is a BITCH. First Northwest Airlines cancel their flight or as they said "significantly delayed." They canceled the flight after only 3 hours of successive delays. Then they had to rebook us on another flight with United Airlines with two stopovers instead of one. We had to change planes in Denver then Las Vegas. What a pain! Well, we finally got to San Francisco, but our luggage didn't. They just delivered it this morning. Hay...hopefully the next few days will be better. I did kinda underestimate the weather. I'm used to 90 degree weather in Florida and it's only in the 50's here. Anyway I need a shower now. It's been a long day. Ciao!

Saturday, 12 May 2007


It's 5:30 AM and here I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to board. I miss the good old days of travel when there were no hassles. Now I feel like I'm being raped right before I can even enter the concourse. Take off the shoes, the belt, empty the pocket, unbutton the pants, show us your calvins...well maybe not the last part.

Anyway, whenever I travel, I ALWAYS carry water on board. It's best to keep hydrated at all times. Always bring something to read like a book or magazine. Carry Airborne supplements which boost your immune system and helps you relax. Also DO NOT FORGET YOUR IPOD or MP3 PLAYER. Trust me. Talking to some fugly guy next to you the whole flight will only be interesting for so long... Toodles!

Friday, 11 May 2007


Early this morning I did get my hair fixed by a sweet old barber named Fred. The barber shop was fantastic! They even had those old fashioned barber chairs. I felt like a kid again.

I'm going away for a week or so to the land of make-believe, the land of movie stars, bimbos, Baywatch, and specifically the gay capital of the US of A...California to be exact. I'm all packed and that was such such such a chore. I don't know how to pack light. Anyway my flight's early--very early in the morning like 6AM early. I do LOVE to travel and see new things. On the next blog I'll tell y'all what to pack for your in-flight entertainment and comfort. Nothing like a long-assed flight with nothing to do and you dehydrated and beginning to become a "losyang"....Toodles!

Thursday, 10 May 2007


I look like a damned pineapple! That bitch! That God-damned awful bitch at the usual salon that I go to chopped chopped my hair! I am soooo pisseeeed offffff! I usually have this girl TK do my hair, but she was off today. Soo they had this girl named Sarah cut or rather butcher my hair and now I LOOK like a FUCKING PINEAPPLE. This is too much for me. I nearly cried. :( So tomorrow morning I have to find another salon that can fix it. Hopefully there's one open in the morning before work. I miss Manila sooo much. The salons there are soooo awesome. Not like here :( Good luck sakin!

Computer Dysfunction

A worm. Damn you Worm! A worm somehow found it's way into my laptop and I had to spend almost the entire night trying to get rid of it. Good thing I backed up the files on my laptop. I decided to just reformat the entire thing. Tabula Rasa.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

I belong in Paris

You Belong in Paris

Stylish and expressive, you were meant for Paris.
The art, the fashion, the wine!
Whether you're enjoying the cafe life or a beautiful park...
You'll love living in the most chic place on earth.

Monday, 7 May 2007

Books and Family

This blogging thing has been just very low on my priority. At first, I thought that I could squeeze it in on my already hectic hectic schedule. I promise that I won't give up. I want to do it. Gramps always said : "Never start what you can't finish." good old Gramps...I do miss him. But I don't think he'd take a liking to me dating other boys.

Now as all of you know very well I am not a writer. I AM A READER. I read everything and everything--from tabloids to classics. As of now, I am currently reading Jane Austen's Persuasion. It's probably my favorite out of all of her novels. Last Christmas, my bff from high school, the ever-brilliant Tom P. sent me a fairly large package of books. Among them was Jane Austen's Complete Works, Michael Chabon's Wonderboys, Jeff Lindsay's Darkly Dreaming Dexter, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez's (No he's not related to Joey or Melanie) Love in the Time of Cholera. Out of all of them, I decided to start reading Jane Austen. It's the thickest. It's the oldest.

As for a tagalog book, I would recommend Orosa-Nakpil, Malate by Louis Gangcuanco. He's gay I think. Anyway the story centers on Malate and gay youth in the Philippines. Very light and entertaining. I was surprised by it.

Now when I first got to the US the very very first book I read was Ramona Forever by Beverly Cleary. I was hooked. I read all of the Ramona series. I related so well. I was in the third grade and so was Ramona. I was out of place and so was she. I went on to read the Boxcar Children, the Hardy Boys and even Nancy Drew. OMG Nacy Freaking Drew...she was awesome.

Then it happened.

I found something that I got hooked on. Grandma's copies of Vogue magazine. I was introduced to a whole new world at the age of 13. Versace, Gucci, Dolce, Gabbana and Chanel. I began to look at the photos of models and beautiful beautiful things. I remember I asked grammy what's a "versayyycee" She replied: "It's 'Ver-sa-chi' dear". She was so chica, old grammy. She had Chanel sunglasses even when she was in the hospital at the end of her life... I miss her. She was the one who taught me des bonnes manieres, encouraged me to take French, and most of all, had me read Amy Vanderbilt's The Book of Etiquette. I have sooooo many fond memories of my Grandma Ellie. I wish she was still alive today with her Chanel sunglasses and with the scent of Chanel no. 5 surrounding her.

Friday, 4 May 2007

The Kiss

Last Saturday was TB’s and my second date. I really wouldn’t consider it a date though. My idea of a date is dinner and a movie and so on and so forth. Instead, we crashed at his dorm and watched a movie…The Queen. I saw it before, but I pretended I didn’t because he was trying to impress me (I think). It was sweet of him to pick a movie he thought that I’d like (which I do). So there I was sitting on his bed and there he was sitting on the floor watching how Queen Elizabeth fucked up made the wrong decisions after Diana’s death. In front of us was an open box of pizza which was getting colder by the minute.

The room was a typical dorm room with white cinderblock walls and fluorescent lighting. Thank God he had a bedside lamp! Papers were strewn everywhere and he had six pillows haphazardly thrown on his bed. TB told me that his suitemates had left for the semester since none of them were taking summer classes. I noticed a poster on the wall—a poster of some Thai pop group—and they looked gay in a twinkish sort of way. He seemed so immersed in the movie and he didn’t even notice me looking at him, staring at his hair, his plastic-rimmed glasses and even taking note of how he smiled when the Queen would make a snide remark. Before I knew it, the Queen made her speech about Diana and I knew that the movie was nearly over. Then I started to panic. What would happen next? I was in his room and we’re ALONE—together!

The credits started rolling and he shut off the DVD player. He looked up at me and hopped on the bed.

“Do you wanna start studying for our tax test?” I asked.

“J”, he said, “It’s Saturday night! Let’s just have some fun.”

He grinned. I turned red.

“You owe me something” TB said

I said “Like what? money?”

I laughed nervously.

He took my hand and held it against his. “You have big hands,” he said. I just laughed. I was going out of my head. I started laughing and he began asking me why I was laughing and all I could say was NOTHING.

TB started to inch closer and closed his eyes. I kept mine wide open. I knew what was going to happen next.


His lips met mine and all I could think of was a) I should have worn lip gloss because my lips were dry and b) what if he starts to stick his tongue in my mouth. The funny thing was as the kiss went on I started to forget. I began to enjoy him sucking on my upper lip and feeling his breath on my face. I was falling for him. His tongue slipped in between my lips and I began to do he same to his. Then I pulled back and said, “I should go. It’s late and I have like a 40 minute drive home.” He loooked sooo disappointed and even gave me the sad puppy eyes. “Stay the night…pleazzzze,” he begged. I said I couldn’t because I have work the next day. He walked me downstairs and we were silent. He just held my hand. As we got to the main entrance, he was leaning forward to kiss me again. I leaned back. No kisses in public. “Call me once you get home. ok?” he whispered.

When I got home I regretted not staying the night. What good are 500 thread count sheets when no one is there to appreciate it with you?

On the next installment: What happened Monday night…

Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Finally! At Last! Hallelujah! Spring semester's finally over! Summer has begun. Of course the days will get hotter and hotter. I think we'll be in the 90's today. Florida's like a third world country...reminds of the Philippines except much cleaner, less flips, and more belligerent homeless people (especially close to campus). The past few days have been nuts--completely insane with reports and papers and thesis due etc. etc. etc.

TB and I just finished taking our exams for Taxation--not precisely fun. He smelled soooo good and I was very kilig sitting next to him. We did get together last Saturday and that was better than our first date. We just hung out at his dorm and watched a movie just to take a break from studying for exams. Nothing happened between us, except for a KISS...I'm new to all this gay dating thing and I guess he sensed I was still a bit nervous about physical contact. The other day he reached for my hand in Starbucks, I said "no way!" I don't do PDA's especially on campus. He just laughed. I think I'm really falling for him. I promise to update this blog more...I've just been really busy. I wish I could make this a habit, make it second-nature like crapping. Ciao!