Wednesday, 30 May 2007


One of my Guilty Pleasures is Pinoy Showbiz. There. I admit it. One of the best love teams is KIMERALD: Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. The two of them are just so adorable! Bah! I know it won't last. It NEVER LASTS BETWEEN TWO REALLY GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE. That's a theory of mine anyway. I just love the song on this video by Itchyworms. Kinda spells out how I feel right now...

the Emancipation of Thadie featured a poem by Pablo Neruda from a post by Life Funtastique. It made my eyes water and a tear fell. I remembered K. If it's meant to be, LoVe will find a way, right?!?!

Congrats to Miss Japan!

Mood: Love sick



Thanks for dropping by with an exciting comment. You seem pretty interesting with a life and blog worth reading. Im definitely adding ya to my favs. Keep it close.

Live it. Love it. Rock it.

Ernesto said...

kim and gereld were actually fetures on the video entitle LOVE TEAM by itchy worm