Sunday, 13 May 2007

Travelling through HELL

Flying is a BITCH. First Northwest Airlines cancel their flight or as they said "significantly delayed." They canceled the flight after only 3 hours of successive delays. Then they had to rebook us on another flight with United Airlines with two stopovers instead of one. We had to change planes in Denver then Las Vegas. What a pain! Well, we finally got to San Francisco, but our luggage didn't. They just delivered it this morning. Hay...hopefully the next few days will be better. I did kinda underestimate the weather. I'm used to 90 degree weather in Florida and it's only in the 50's here. Anyway I need a shower now. It's been a long day. Ciao!


Streams of Consciousness said...

..thank god those Louis Vuitton trunks arrived...hopefully the eau de parfum in Lalique containers were not broken :-)

empress maruja said...

Insignificantly delayed? Americans sure have a knack for being indirect.