Friday, 4 May 2007

The Kiss

Last Saturday was TB’s and my second date. I really wouldn’t consider it a date though. My idea of a date is dinner and a movie and so on and so forth. Instead, we crashed at his dorm and watched a movie…The Queen. I saw it before, but I pretended I didn’t because he was trying to impress me (I think). It was sweet of him to pick a movie he thought that I’d like (which I do). So there I was sitting on his bed and there he was sitting on the floor watching how Queen Elizabeth fucked up made the wrong decisions after Diana’s death. In front of us was an open box of pizza which was getting colder by the minute.

The room was a typical dorm room with white cinderblock walls and fluorescent lighting. Thank God he had a bedside lamp! Papers were strewn everywhere and he had six pillows haphazardly thrown on his bed. TB told me that his suitemates had left for the semester since none of them were taking summer classes. I noticed a poster on the wall—a poster of some Thai pop group—and they looked gay in a twinkish sort of way. He seemed so immersed in the movie and he didn’t even notice me looking at him, staring at his hair, his plastic-rimmed glasses and even taking note of how he smiled when the Queen would make a snide remark. Before I knew it, the Queen made her speech about Diana and I knew that the movie was nearly over. Then I started to panic. What would happen next? I was in his room and we’re ALONE—together!

The credits started rolling and he shut off the DVD player. He looked up at me and hopped on the bed.

“Do you wanna start studying for our tax test?” I asked.

“J”, he said, “It’s Saturday night! Let’s just have some fun.”

He grinned. I turned red.

“You owe me something” TB said

I said “Like what? money?”

I laughed nervously.

He took my hand and held it against his. “You have big hands,” he said. I just laughed. I was going out of my head. I started laughing and he began asking me why I was laughing and all I could say was NOTHING.

TB started to inch closer and closed his eyes. I kept mine wide open. I knew what was going to happen next.


His lips met mine and all I could think of was a) I should have worn lip gloss because my lips were dry and b) what if he starts to stick his tongue in my mouth. The funny thing was as the kiss went on I started to forget. I began to enjoy him sucking on my upper lip and feeling his breath on my face. I was falling for him. His tongue slipped in between my lips and I began to do he same to his. Then I pulled back and said, “I should go. It’s late and I have like a 40 minute drive home.” He loooked sooo disappointed and even gave me the sad puppy eyes. “Stay the night…pleazzzze,” he begged. I said I couldn’t because I have work the next day. He walked me downstairs and we were silent. He just held my hand. As we got to the main entrance, he was leaning forward to kiss me again. I leaned back. No kisses in public. “Call me once you get home. ok?” he whispered.

When I got home I regretted not staying the night. What good are 500 thread count sheets when no one is there to appreciate it with you?

On the next installment: What happened Monday night…


empress maruja said...

Aaaah...the magic DVDs do...

(Make sure that if he tries to "sleep" with you, go for it or you just might lose him.)

Streams of Consciousness said...

...a kiss to build a dream on, indeed!