Thursday, 26 April 2007

My Love!!!

C'est sublime! C'est magnifique! Quelle Elegance! C'est Coco Chanel...

Perusing through the blogs that i normally haunt, I came across a piece about a documentary featuring le coutourier extraordinaire, Karl Lagerfeld. Watch the first part of the first episode:

I fell in love with Chanel a long time ago. When I did visit Paris avec ma mere, we visited her favorite, Vuitton, and mine, Chanel. Sadly, I was still in high school and all I could afford was sunglasses :( ... and they were on sale!

After you watch the entire Signe Chanel docu, you will definitely gain an appreciation of all the hard work and artistry that goes into couture--"haute couture, la pur couture"

As for TB, the dinner ended then and there. I was still so nervous because he wanted to kiss me. He didn't seem annoyed or anything. Am I ready for another relationship? I'm not so sure. He calls me and I call him. Better to be friends first, non? Date no. 2 probably this weekend...

Now for those of you who just can't get enough of Karl Lagerfeld, The New Yorker recently did an article about him. It's very candid, pretty amusing, worth the read! Click here.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Prelude to a kiss...

I got a call on Saturday from TB. He invited me to dinner and a movie. I was SHOCKED. I couldn't figure out how he had gotten my number then I remembered exchanging digits with him in my Taxation class. My excuse was to buddy up in case one of us was absent. Anyway, I came up with the saddest excuse evar!

Him: Why can't you go?
Me: I have to go to Church...(Church on a Saturday night)
Him: That's cool. I'll go with you. I've never been to a Christian Church before.
Me: I'm Catholic...(I was running out of ideas)
Him: Does that matter?

He knew I was making excuses so he persisted...'til I said Yes.
Now here's a little secret I never never ever went on a gay date before. Two men dating. The thought was just terrifying to me. I don't have any practice.
TB came around the house and picked me up in his car, but I said I wanted to take my own car (in case I freak out and have to leave). At that point and time I didn't know I was being such an ass. I followed him to this Thai restaurant which wasn't that crowded for a Saturday night. I ordered Chicken Pad Thai it's the only Thai food I know. I didn't have anything to drink. He had some Thai beer.

I was probably turning red. The experience was just so surreal. I kept thinking how I had the biggest crush on this guy while our professor lectured incoherently. Now there I was eating dinner with him. He was smiling while I was struggling to use my chopsticks. When we finished dinner I offered to pay but he kept on insisting. I whipped out my trusty AMEX , but he called the waiter and talked to him in Thai. He paid for it without me knowing. I was wowed.

I looked at him from across the table, stealing glances.

I didn't want to fall in love with him. I fall in love too easily... I looked at him. Our eyes met...He closed his eyes, leaned forward...and
I said...
"Are you okay?"

Part II to follow...

I have been graced by a visit from His Imperial Majesty, Empress Maruja ( I love your blog!) and Chase aka the Queer Chef ...also feignedintimations who has interpretations on old pics....
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Haven't had time to do a post. Something happened this weekend with TH. Right or wrong, I chose my choice. More to come soon!

Thursday, 19 April 2007


TB saw me studying in the library as I posted my last blog. He invited me for some coffee and to review notes...(I declined)...I must admit I am attracted to him. We went to SBucks last night and I had so much fun with him. He invited me for lunch after the final exams. I said I'd think about it. I don't think I'm ready to delve into a relationship yet. The last one was wayyyy too serious. I was serious about him , but he wasn't serious about me. $$$$$ in long distance bills later...I got over him. LDR's never work out. I should have bought an LV messenger bag instead. It would have made me happier.

TB I really really really wanted to kiss you right then and there, but too many people. Sometimes being in my giant wonderful LacosteCalvinKleinPradaVuitton-filled closet sucks! Then again being outed while kissing a boy in the college library is something that I definitely won't do! OH Well!

Julia Campbell

She was a 40-year- old Peace Corps volunteer. Walking along the irrigation mounds amidst the massive Banaue Rice Terraces, Julia could not believe the beauty that surrounded her. All of a sudden she was attacked and as her eyes dimmed the Ancient Beauty swallowed her soul and being. She became ONE with the Earth and became a part of the History of an ancient land.

Julia's story gave me an idea--to talk openly and candidly about the Philippines, a land which I left when I was a child due to circumstances. She was so brave helping others and leaving her comfortable life here in the US. I wish I was as brave as her. At times I feel that I should be over there helping to build the country, but it is an insurmountable task. Julia was a great woman who loved the Philippines and saw through the dirt and grime to behold the Pearl of the Orient. If only more Filipinos would be like her.

The Beginning

Where to start? What do I write about first? I have been reading blogs for quite some time now and I must admit have gotten addicted to them. I had to find some sort of excuse to start blogging and the greatest excuse of all is to re-master my command of the English language. I am not a writer, though my old teachers and professors have said that I have a certain "knack" for it. I wholeheartedly disagree. Writing a paper or a report is one thing, but writing fiction, personal stories, etc. is another. Then again I should revisit this "writing thing" since at my age I do not know what to do with my life. Cheers!