Thursday, 26 April 2007

My Love!!!

C'est sublime! C'est magnifique! Quelle Elegance! C'est Coco Chanel...

Perusing through the blogs that i normally haunt, I came across a piece about a documentary featuring le coutourier extraordinaire, Karl Lagerfeld. Watch the first part of the first episode:

I fell in love with Chanel a long time ago. When I did visit Paris avec ma mere, we visited her favorite, Vuitton, and mine, Chanel. Sadly, I was still in high school and all I could afford was sunglasses :( ... and they were on sale!

After you watch the entire Signe Chanel docu, you will definitely gain an appreciation of all the hard work and artistry that goes into couture--"haute couture, la pur couture"

As for TB, the dinner ended then and there. I was still so nervous because he wanted to kiss me. He didn't seem annoyed or anything. Am I ready for another relationship? I'm not so sure. He calls me and I call him. Better to be friends first, non? Date no. 2 probably this weekend...

Now for those of you who just can't get enough of Karl Lagerfeld, The New Yorker recently did an article about him. It's very candid, pretty amusing, worth the read! Click here.

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