Thursday, 19 April 2007


TB saw me studying in the library as I posted my last blog. He invited me for some coffee and to review notes...(I declined)...I must admit I am attracted to him. We went to SBucks last night and I had so much fun with him. He invited me for lunch after the final exams. I said I'd think about it. I don't think I'm ready to delve into a relationship yet. The last one was wayyyy too serious. I was serious about him , but he wasn't serious about me. $$$$$ in long distance bills later...I got over him. LDR's never work out. I should have bought an LV messenger bag instead. It would have made me happier.

TB I really really really wanted to kiss you right then and there, but too many people. Sometimes being in my giant wonderful LacosteCalvinKleinPradaVuitton-filled closet sucks! Then again being outed while kissing a boy in the college library is something that I definitely won't do! OH Well!


empress maruja said...

Kalokah ang pressure-ness huh!

Streams of Consciousness said...

Wow! AbFab!

Anonymous said...

you should have kissed him!