Thursday, 19 April 2007

Julia Campbell

She was a 40-year- old Peace Corps volunteer. Walking along the irrigation mounds amidst the massive Banaue Rice Terraces, Julia could not believe the beauty that surrounded her. All of a sudden she was attacked and as her eyes dimmed the Ancient Beauty swallowed her soul and being. She became ONE with the Earth and became a part of the History of an ancient land.

Julia's story gave me an idea--to talk openly and candidly about the Philippines, a land which I left when I was a child due to circumstances. She was so brave helping others and leaving her comfortable life here in the US. I wish I was as brave as her. At times I feel that I should be over there helping to build the country, but it is an insurmountable task. Julia was a great woman who loved the Philippines and saw through the dirt and grime to behold the Pearl of the Orient. If only more Filipinos would be like her.

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Streams of Consciousness said...

Your love of the motherland is admirable. Perhaps it is more of the love of people we share common experiences, albeit history, culture, or beliefs. Geography is merely an accident of nature. Nations are arbitrary, drawn in the map for practical purposes, if not as products bloody conflicts. Nevertheless, the need to belong is instinctive.