Friday, 29 June 2007

Salsa Dancing

As I waited for my steak at Bern's Steakhouse, I heard a familiar chatter. It was a dialect I don't often hear in these parts. Three tables away, a couple and their friend were speaking Tagalog. Mother was thrilled. I knew what was going to happen next. She would dawdle during dinner so that we could get a chance to talk to them. As I cut it the medium rare sirloin, the woman passed us on her way to the restroom. On her way back, Mom gave her a smile and asked "Filipino kayo?" The woman replied "Oo naman. Nagtataka nga kami kung Pinoy din kayo." I had to hand it to Mom, she has this uncanny way of making friends everywhere unlike me who has this curtain. An ex says I have intimacy issues. I, of course, contest it. Anyway, the woman exchanged cards and invited us to her salsa class. Yes. She teaches salsa at a local dance studio. Mom, of course, thought it would be a terrific idea to drag my stepdad out to a salsa club on a Tuesday night. Plus, it gave her a reason to wear her new Cavalli gown from Neiman Marcus. The woman also invited me. So there you have it. To go or not to go. That is the question. I don't really know a lot about salsa dancing although I took ballroom dancing classes during highschool at the behest of my ex-girlfriend Shannon. I don't know. Maybe I should go. Maybe there'll be cute Pinoy guys there. Here's what salsa dancing looks like:

Here's a tip for those of you who have wives, gf's, bf's, mothers etc. who you go shopping with. Apparently Neiman Marcus only accepts Amex or cash. Mommmie Dearest conveniently "forgot" her Amex at home. So, the dutiful son had to dig into his LV wallet and fish out the Goldcard as he charged away with Mom's promise of "I'll pay you back." She never has and never will. Well, at least she paid for dinner.

Lauren's My New Best Friend!

Last Thursday, I finally found my new facialist. Her name is Lauren. Finally, I found someone who understands the battle for my face. It's me versus the acne. She introduced me to dermalogica which she highly recommends. Apparently, the Clinique I was using simply dried up my face. She was right. The Clinique started to dry my face and it started to flake. Dry skin everywhere. It wasn't a pretty sight. Plus, I started to break out everywhere. Lauren explained to me that the drier my skin became, the more my oil glands overproduced. Hence, my face was as oily as a greasy pizza from a nasty Italian pizzeria.

I'm surprised that it didn't hurt as much as the facials I've had in Pinas. The facials I got there were very very painful and they squeeze out every single pore of blackheads, whiteheads, and whatever heads exist in pores. Then they show you the napkin they wipe the instrument in and you say, "Ewwww...that came from my face!?!" Apparently, this very invasive procedure isn't very ideal. Lauren started by cleansing my face then exfoliating. Then she used lactic acid for my peel. Everyone should have a chemical peel. It's just soooooo refreshing. The zits started drying up and now I bought the entire dermalogica line necessary for my skincare. So 200 dollars later, I was content. Hopefully this works.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

The dog ate my homework.

I have neglected this clog lately because of a litany of stupid excuses. Simply put, I've been very very busy. Too much work. Little pay. Plus a research paper for that stupid class is sending me over the edge. I've been so busy that I haven't been able to shop! But tomorrow, I finally finally get a chance to go to my new facialist! She's very highly recommended and I had to wait for a month for my appointment. It's such a gift to have clear skin. Some of us (like me) have to work very very very hard to get it. Maybe I can squeeze in some shopping right before I pick up Dad from his trip to NYC. Hopefully he'll bring home some cannolis and those Italian cookies I love from Little Italy...

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Pop! Goes My Heart!

I just finished watching Music and Lyrics. I just loved it. So What? I'm a sucker for romantic comedies especially if Hugh Grant is in them. He's toooo delicious. I just loved the songs. The 80's song is hilarious! I remember dancing to tunes like these when I was six years old...

...I said I wasn't gonna lose my head but then Pop! Goes my Heart!...hahahaha I already put it on my ipod!

The thing that surprised most about the movie was that Hugh Grant can sing. I just fell in love with the ballad/ love song...

..All I wanna do is find a way back into love...

I know. I know. I'm Corny.

K****...listen to the ending... :)

Serenity Now

I haven't been very productive when my school work lately. Frankly, I'm not really into kids and busy work concerning the little brats is just not my cup of tea. I'm taking a course which the University requires in order to graduate so that we can be "well-rounded." I think it's just so they can suck more money out of us. The class is called Early Childhood Literacy and it requires one to review children's literature. You guessed it...Mother Goose and Jack and Jill, CS Lewis and JK Rowling. I do admit that the illustrations are awesome...but children's books are just not for me. I'd rather read Dostoevsky (which puts me to sleep). I need a place to work that'll make me concentrate on school. So tomorrow, I'm off to the library. Nothing keeps me on track with scholarly work than the library, where you are FORCED to be quiet.

On an unrelated note, I joined twitter and I love it. I learned about it, surprisingly enough, through CNN who keep track Fred Thompson's whereabouts through twitter (apparently he's in London smoking a cigar). For those of you who think you've seen him might have...on a show called Law and Order. Pretty cool for a Republican. When will Hillary get her twitter account eh? or at least a TV show...

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Busy Bee

I've been inundated with work lately. I think they're testing me. Anyway, in between my regular routines and everyday stuff, I have neglected my blog. I read everyone else's though. Sometimes I have a great idea for a topic and it just slips now. I will try my very very very best and hardest not to write about Ruffa or La Greta because they upset me.

I was browsing through YouTube and I found this funny music video from wayyyyyy back when I was in high school.


BTW, I must have gotten 10 calls today from call center agents in Manila asking me if I wanted a loan, another credit card, etc. etc... I can hear right through the accents...which presents me with a dilemma. Since some of my friends in Pinas are agents themselves, I find it hard to hang up the phone so that means I have to hear the ENTIRE spiel, then turn them down. Mommy Dearest thinks it's weird. Am I being too nice? (God forbid!) Ciao!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Your Tax Pesos At Work

What does Ruffa Guttierez Bektas have in common with a TRAPO (Traditional Politician)?

1. They're both money hungry

2. They're both attention Whores.

3. They waste your tax money.

4. Did I mention money hungry?

Well. Apparently Ruffa has some pull and got three PNP officers to guard her and her bling blinged-out Mom Annabelle. I would be outraged if I was paying taxes in the Philippines. Ruffa's not even a government official, jueteng witness, not even a Metro Aide! Now does this mean that the government will provide protection for ALL battered women who feel threatened? Now...Why didn't Plinky Recto get the same protection against her husband?!?!

Bah! Whatever happened to restraint? Whatever happened to keeping family problems within the family? This could have been handled in a much more dignified manner. I'm not absolving Yilmas at all. Spousal Abuse is WRONG! I think Ruffa knew what she was getting into. She shouldn't have chosen the gilded cage. Always remember people...YOU are responsible for your own actions.

PS. Dolly Anne is just doing her job. She's a gossip monger and she's doing what she does best. It's not personal. It's business...Ciao!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

The Sopranos

WTF?!?! What is up with the ending?

I started watching The Sopranos years and years and years ago when I was still in middle school. The show was on before Sex and the City. I absolutely LOVED it! It gave me a balance to my...ehem...feminine side. It was like A Shakesperean Tragedy...lovable bad guys, complex characters, believable plots, plus, I lived in Jersey where the story took place. Anyway, the ending was good I suppose. But I was expecting something more dramatic. Anyway, there goes the end of an area. Another attachment severed from my boyhood. *Sigh*

This one is good. A very short 7 minute synopsis of The Sopranos...all 6 seasons which span 8 years...

La Greta: The Downward Spiral of a Social Climber

I just love love love this SCANDAL!
I first saw these pics on Chuvaness's blog...

(All Photos courtesy of Chuvaness)

I don't know why I dislike Gretchen Baretto so much...Could it be that she's a social-climbing, backstabbing, fake, overambitious, snooty bitch????

Even if there was no affair (which I highly doubt), the damage has been done. Gretchen tried and tried to belong to Manila's Alta de Sociedad, the Old Guard. I guess she got sick of doing it. I think Meldy Cojuangco must be grinning from ear to ear...and singing a chorus of "I told you so..." to her son.

If any of you saw "The Buzz", Boy Abunda's PR machine is already in full swing. Through a statement, Gretchen did the following...

1. She admits to the mistake.
2. She apologizes
3. She will suffer the consequences.

Ahhhh...the steps to Crisis Management. Now in the next few days, I imagine that Boy et al. will make Gretchen into the victim while stating that it was an error in judgment. Unlike Ruffa and Kris, Gretchen has an uberhaughtiness to her which makes me dislike her even more. I can understand and even forgive Ruffa and Annabelle Rama since their behavior is expected of them, but Gretchen...well...she consciously made the"Mistake". I hope Tony Boy stands up for himself and finally gets rid of the parasite.

As Chuvaness said...
"Goodbye Prada. Hello Secosana."

PS. Watch. She'll use her daughter to gain sympathy points and probably as an excuse for Tony Boy not to dump her. Kerida 4 LIFE!

PPS. It'd have been better if she came out professing her mad love for the man-whore John Estrada. I'd give her points for that.

Thursday, 7 June 2007


Wowowee has been suspended yet again. Now, I'm no fan of Wowowee nor do I even like Willie Revillame. Passing off a noontime game show where contestants trade their dignity for a measly amount of money as "help for the poor" is not amusing to me. I think the MTRCB really hates them. ..Read the article from PEP here.

Now, supposedly Eda Nolan the Bisaya (Juniper) from Let's Go apparently let her boobies slip out. I think I only saw the top of a nipple. You decide!

Watch Juniper's Nip Slip:
Fast Forwrd to 04:30

Poor Girl. She's busting out!



I got a call from K....late...very late last night. I felt happy. It's indescribable. I really missed him. We talked for about an hour and it felt so right.

I just love love love this song...



I think that there's a rule in large multinational companies: Promote the most incompetent idiots as middle managers. The levels of bureaucracy is just sheer madness. District managers to Market Managers to Country Managers to Division Managers to Regional Managers. Arghhh! Our humble outpost was recently paid a surprise visit by middle managers coming all the way from the Imperial Headquarters. They flew in their private jets (queue Darth Vader music) and had our head honcho meet them at the airport. Then they started looking around and criticizing every single mistake that THEY made which THEY blamed on US of course! Middle managers. Bah! I simply hate them. The sheer incompetence is simply astounding...

The good news is my promotion is very very soon. Apparently, Jaba the Hut (the very very fugly District Manager)has given his blessing. Thank GOD he's Straight Ah! Office works way better and faster than a memo! Ciao!

Wish I can be just like Merryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada sans the high heels, and women's clothing...gimme a Brioni suit any day!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Third place.

Empress Maruja's blog has a weekly contest in which readers are asked to find the bunny man on a random entry. Yours Truly won third place! Third is better than nothing. Plus if the other two ahead of me to fulfill their duties I will succeed them, right?!?! hehe. Am so thrilled. Check out his blog and join the contest!

P.S. Check out the winner's blog Pepe
and the second runner up Aj of Bakla Ako May Reklamo? (I'm Gay. Got a Problemw with that?) I just adore militant gays. Very Butch. Kinda like a Bull Dyke. Ever met a member of Dykes on Bikes? Those bitches are FIERCE! Anyway Ciao!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007


After watching the very recent Republican debate for the Party nomination, I can't help but contrast the candidates between the candidates of both parties. shouldn't the nominees be a reflection of America as a whole with diverse candidates? I think so. You decide which political party is a TRUE reflection of America:
(I'll just list the candidates who DO stand a chance of winning.)

the Republicans:

Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of the City of New York. "America's Mayor"

John McCain, Senator from the Great State of Arizona. Served in Vietnam War and was captured and tortured. ( He can't use his right hand due to the burns)

Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts. A Mormon. He used to be a Liberal, but is now a Conservative. Massachusetts is the ONLY State in the US that allows Gay Marriage. Yet, he claims he had nothing to do with it.

the Democrats:

John Edwards, former Senator of North Carolina. Former Attorney, and Hot Daddy, millionaire

Barak Obama, Senator Of Illinois, Mother was White and Father was Black. Law Degree from Harvard. Former Editor Harvard Law Review

Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Senator of New York, more chica than Laura Bush can ever be...

There you have it. The Republicans have 3 White men. While the Democrats have an African American, A Woman, and a White man...hmmmm...which party is a better reflection of the diversity of America....Haller?!?!

P.S. Lookie Lookie! Marc Jacobs for Hillary! You know who I'm voting for...

Monday, 4 June 2007

To K.

It gets worse at night.
That's the time when the two of us usually talk and I was oftentimes half asleep.
You would tell your stories and I would pretend that I wasn't listening when in fact
I hung unto every word.
I miss those nights.
I also miss how you insist on "sleeping together" by not hanging up the phone.
We can hear each other sleep. While you were dreaming of happy thoughts, I would whisper,
"I love you"
on the phone.
I don't think you ever heard me.
I just didn't have the heart to say it when you were awake.
Would it have mattered?
Would things turn out diffrently between us?
I don't know.
Past is past.
What I do know is that I love you.
You grow fonder in my heart everyday.
I just wish you were mine. I just wish things could've turned out differently.
Is it too late?
Is it ever too late to say I'm in love with you?
I will never run out of hope.
I will always leave my heart ajar for you K.

Mood: Love sick

To Live...

I have a penchant for foreign films. Particularly Asian films. I try to compare and contrast cultures through movies and try to see certain similarities and differences. To Live is a Chinese film directed by Zhang Yimou and starring the beautiful Gong Li. The story centers on the life and trials of a family during China's turbulent history. It spans four decades of hardship, joy, pain, loathing...four decades of LIFE. To Live is a lesson on the importance of life and how hope should never be extinguished. Value your Life.
(Gong Li is Totally Hot! But not in the movie though.)

My dearest coworker Jackie O. gave birth on Saturday night to a 9lbs baby. That's a big baby to fit through a vagina ( I think.) I haven't visited her yet. I hope that the child looks good or else I'll have to pretend that it does. You guys know what I'm talking about. Everyone's seen an UGLY baby before and had to pretend that it looked good just to please the mother. I just HOPE I don't have to do that.

Apparently, yours truly is up for a promotion. That means this equation:

Higher Salary = More money = More LV

Hopefully I do get it. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I even lit a candle at Church. Hey, it can't hurt right?!?!

Ciao! BTW, Feel free to email me at for any rhyme, reason, whatever it is. Just email me if you want. Toodles!

Saturday, 2 June 2007

John LVoes Neverfull and his Lovelife SUCKS

I happened to glance at Chuvaness' blog and I saw a new, fantastic, wonderful, thing...the NEW NEVERFULL BAG Click CLick to see pictures...

(All photos Courtesy of Chuvaness)

I am thinking of getting myself one, but I probably will never have the chance to use it. I live in the homophobic SOUTH y'all know that...The next best thing is to give one to mommy dearest. She'll just adore it. Plus, her birthday's only two months away. I LoVe LoVe LoVe the lining!
This bag is so Chica. You can put anything in it...

I spent Wednesday night at my Auntie Ayres' vacation house in Citrus County, FL. Nothing is in Citrus County Florida except for orange groves and rednecks. I used to think that I liked country life, uhhm I really was thinking more along the lines of a hacienda like in Oro,Plata, Mata with maids and servants...hehe. Anyway Auntie parted with a piece of encouragement after I stated that I was never going to find anyone "You'll find the right person someday"...Person...not girl...I think Aunty has caught on. We were always very close and share much of the same traits (both of us are Virgos). She'll be turning the big 5-0 this September, but don't tell her that 'cuz she thinks she's only 40.

I finally got a chance to speak with K thorough ym. I told him that everything I said when I was drunk in San Francisco was true. He was shocked. Bah! He's moving to the US very soon and wants me to visit him. I said we'll cross the bridge when we get there. Am feeling love sick again...