Tuesday, 5 June 2007


After watching the very recent Republican debate for the Party nomination, I can't help but contrast the candidates between the candidates of both parties. shouldn't the nominees be a reflection of America as a whole with diverse candidates? I think so. You decide which political party is a TRUE reflection of America:
(I'll just list the candidates who DO stand a chance of winning.)

the Republicans:

Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of the City of New York. "America's Mayor"

John McCain, Senator from the Great State of Arizona. Served in Vietnam War and was captured and tortured. ( He can't use his right hand due to the burns)

Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts. A Mormon. He used to be a Liberal, but is now a Conservative. Massachusetts is the ONLY State in the US that allows Gay Marriage. Yet, he claims he had nothing to do with it.

the Democrats:

John Edwards, former Senator of North Carolina. Former Attorney, and Hot Daddy, millionaire

Barak Obama, Senator Of Illinois, Mother was White and Father was Black. Law Degree from Harvard. Former Editor Harvard Law Review

Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Senator of New York, more chica than Laura Bush can ever be...

There you have it. The Republicans have 3 White men. While the Democrats have an African American, A Woman, and a White man...hmmmm...which party is a better reflection of the diversity of America....Haller?!?!

P.S. Lookie Lookie! Marc Jacobs for Hillary! You know who I'm voting for...

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