Monday, 4 June 2007

To K.

It gets worse at night.
That's the time when the two of us usually talk and I was oftentimes half asleep.
You would tell your stories and I would pretend that I wasn't listening when in fact
I hung unto every word.
I miss those nights.
I also miss how you insist on "sleeping together" by not hanging up the phone.
We can hear each other sleep. While you were dreaming of happy thoughts, I would whisper,
"I love you"
on the phone.
I don't think you ever heard me.
I just didn't have the heart to say it when you were awake.
Would it have mattered?
Would things turn out diffrently between us?
I don't know.
Past is past.
What I do know is that I love you.
You grow fonder in my heart everyday.
I just wish you were mine. I just wish things could've turned out differently.
Is it too late?
Is it ever too late to say I'm in love with you?
I will never run out of hope.
I will always leave my heart ajar for you K.

Mood: Love sick

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