Friday, 29 June 2007

Lauren's My New Best Friend!

Last Thursday, I finally found my new facialist. Her name is Lauren. Finally, I found someone who understands the battle for my face. It's me versus the acne. She introduced me to dermalogica which she highly recommends. Apparently, the Clinique I was using simply dried up my face. She was right. The Clinique started to dry my face and it started to flake. Dry skin everywhere. It wasn't a pretty sight. Plus, I started to break out everywhere. Lauren explained to me that the drier my skin became, the more my oil glands overproduced. Hence, my face was as oily as a greasy pizza from a nasty Italian pizzeria.

I'm surprised that it didn't hurt as much as the facials I've had in Pinas. The facials I got there were very very painful and they squeeze out every single pore of blackheads, whiteheads, and whatever heads exist in pores. Then they show you the napkin they wipe the instrument in and you say, "Ewwww...that came from my face!?!" Apparently, this very invasive procedure isn't very ideal. Lauren started by cleansing my face then exfoliating. Then she used lactic acid for my peel. Everyone should have a chemical peel. It's just soooooo refreshing. The zits started drying up and now I bought the entire dermalogica line necessary for my skincare. So 200 dollars later, I was content. Hopefully this works.

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