Thursday, 7 June 2007


Wowowee has been suspended yet again. Now, I'm no fan of Wowowee nor do I even like Willie Revillame. Passing off a noontime game show where contestants trade their dignity for a measly amount of money as "help for the poor" is not amusing to me. I think the MTRCB really hates them. ..Read the article from PEP here.

Now, supposedly Eda Nolan the Bisaya (Juniper) from Let's Go apparently let her boobies slip out. I think I only saw the top of a nipple. You decide!

Watch Juniper's Nip Slip:
Fast Forwrd to 04:30

Poor Girl. She's busting out!



Anonymous said...

Hahahha that is so Janet Jackson minus Justin though. Well you should have seen the Bikini Open in Cebu once were one of the contestants snapped the string on her undies and her vagina said hi to the audience. I just loved her reaction when she just said Oooops sorry! The bitch won the contest btw.

empress maruja said...

It was actually the tip of the issue. What really ticked the morality police off is when Willie introduced a dancer as "gamot sa nanlalambot."