Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Third place.

Empress Maruja's blog has a weekly contest in which readers are asked to find the bunny man on a random entry. Yours Truly won third place! Third is better than nothing. Plus if the other two ahead of me to fulfill their duties I will succeed them, right?!?! hehe. Am so thrilled. Check out his blog and join the contest!

P.S. Check out the winner's blog Pepe
and the second runner up Aj of Bakla Ako May Reklamo? (I'm Gay. Got a Problemw with that?) I just adore militant gays. Very Butch. Kinda like a Bull Dyke. Ever met a member of Dykes on Bikes? Those bitches are FIERCE! Anyway Ciao!


Baklang AJ said...

Hello! This is AJ of Bakla Ako May Reklamo... hehe. hindi naman ako masyado militant. paminsan minsan lang. at hindi rin ako butch. hehehehe!

nice blog you got here :)

Ernesto said...

Nice hope i can join sometime!!!


Thank you for sharing your personal views upon the subject of gay marriage. I could predict that you have a great education in politics and you use it wisely. We'll see where the gay marriage issue takes us.

Rock it.