Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Busy Bee

I've been inundated with work lately. I think they're testing me. Anyway, in between my regular routines and everyday stuff, I have neglected my blog. I read everyone else's though. Sometimes I have a great idea for a topic and it just slips away...like now. I will try my very very very best and hardest not to write about Ruffa or La Greta because they upset me.

I was browsing through YouTube and I found this funny music video from wayyyyyy back when I was in high school.


BTW, I must have gotten 10 calls today from call center agents in Manila asking me if I wanted a loan, another credit card, etc. etc... I can hear right through the accents...which presents me with a dilemma. Since some of my friends in Pinas are agents themselves, I find it hard to hang up the phone so that means I have to hear the ENTIRE spiel, then turn them down. Mommy Dearest thinks it's weird. Am I being too nice? (God forbid!) Ciao!

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