Sunday, 10 June 2007

La Greta: The Downward Spiral of a Social Climber

I just love love love this SCANDAL!
I first saw these pics on Chuvaness's blog...

(All Photos courtesy of Chuvaness)

I don't know why I dislike Gretchen Baretto so much...Could it be that she's a social-climbing, backstabbing, fake, overambitious, snooty bitch????

Even if there was no affair (which I highly doubt), the damage has been done. Gretchen tried and tried to belong to Manila's Alta de Sociedad, the Old Guard. I guess she got sick of doing it. I think Meldy Cojuangco must be grinning from ear to ear...and singing a chorus of "I told you so..." to her son.

If any of you saw "The Buzz", Boy Abunda's PR machine is already in full swing. Through a statement, Gretchen did the following...

1. She admits to the mistake.
2. She apologizes
3. She will suffer the consequences.

Ahhhh...the steps to Crisis Management. Now in the next few days, I imagine that Boy et al. will make Gretchen into the victim while stating that it was an error in judgment. Unlike Ruffa and Kris, Gretchen has an uberhaughtiness to her which makes me dislike her even more. I can understand and even forgive Ruffa and Annabelle Rama since their behavior is expected of them, but Gretchen...well...she consciously made the"Mistake". I hope Tony Boy stands up for himself and finally gets rid of the parasite.

As Chuvaness said...
"Goodbye Prada. Hello Secosana."

PS. Watch. She'll use her daughter to gain sympathy points and probably as an excuse for Tony Boy not to dump her. Kerida 4 LIFE!

PPS. It'd have been better if she came out professing her mad love for the man-whore John Estrada. I'd give her points for that.


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Haha! Dito ko unang nabasa ang tungkol sa balitang ito.

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