Thursday, 14 June 2007

Your Tax Pesos At Work

What does Ruffa Guttierez Bektas have in common with a TRAPO (Traditional Politician)?

1. They're both money hungry

2. They're both attention Whores.

3. They waste your tax money.

4. Did I mention money hungry?

Well. Apparently Ruffa has some pull and got three PNP officers to guard her and her bling blinged-out Mom Annabelle. I would be outraged if I was paying taxes in the Philippines. Ruffa's not even a government official, jueteng witness, not even a Metro Aide! Now does this mean that the government will provide protection for ALL battered women who feel threatened? Now...Why didn't Plinky Recto get the same protection against her husband?!?!

Bah! Whatever happened to restraint? Whatever happened to keeping family problems within the family? This could have been handled in a much more dignified manner. I'm not absolving Yilmas at all. Spousal Abuse is WRONG! I think Ruffa knew what she was getting into. She shouldn't have chosen the gilded cage. Always remember people...YOU are responsible for your own actions.

PS. Dolly Anne is just doing her job. She's a gossip monger and she's doing what she does best. It's not personal. It's business...Ciao!


empress maruja said...

One of Annabelle's wrongs is that she tends to attack without knowing what the issue is about. Dolly Ann's readers contributed about the Turkish news tagging Yilmaz as a "Drug Smuggler's Son" and Ruffa's first marriage to that Daloia guy, and yet Annabelle attacked the entertainment reporter's personal issues instead. How tactless, kaya nga no-one believes them now.


Since when did the PNP become personal bodyguards of celebrities? I would understand if Ruffa's a government official and there's a legitimate threat to her life but she's just a freaking host of two lame TV shows. Grr.

Phoenix said...

I tire of Ruffa's antics. Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way ; )