Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Prelude to a kiss...

I got a call on Saturday from TB. He invited me to dinner and a movie. I was SHOCKED. I couldn't figure out how he had gotten my number then I remembered exchanging digits with him in my Taxation class. My excuse was to buddy up in case one of us was absent. Anyway, I came up with the saddest excuse evar!

Him: Why can't you go?
Me: I have to go to Church...(Church on a Saturday night)
Him: That's cool. I'll go with you. I've never been to a Christian Church before.
Me: I'm Catholic...(I was running out of ideas)
Him: Does that matter?

He knew I was making excuses so he persisted...'til I said Yes.
Now here's a little secret I never never ever went on a gay date before. Two men dating. The thought was just terrifying to me. I don't have any practice.
TB came around the house and picked me up in his car, but I said I wanted to take my own car (in case I freak out and have to leave). At that point and time I didn't know I was being such an ass. I followed him to this Thai restaurant which wasn't that crowded for a Saturday night. I ordered Chicken Pad Thai it's the only Thai food I know. I didn't have anything to drink. He had some Thai beer.

I was probably turning red. The experience was just so surreal. I kept thinking how I had the biggest crush on this guy while our professor lectured incoherently. Now there I was eating dinner with him. He was smiling while I was struggling to use my chopsticks. When we finished dinner I offered to pay but he kept on insisting. I whipped out my trusty AMEX , but he called the waiter and talked to him in Thai. He paid for it without me knowing. I was wowed.

I looked at him from across the table, stealing glances.

I didn't want to fall in love with him. I fall in love too easily... I looked at him. Our eyes met...He closed his eyes, leaned forward...and
I said...
"Are you okay?"

Part II to follow...

I have been graced by a visit from His Imperial Majesty, Empress Maruja ( I love your blog!) and Chase aka the Queer Chef ...also feignedintimations who has interpretations on old pics....
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empress maruja said...

Oooh...the guy's pretty much trying to impress you with his Thai skills. Positive.

My advice for you is don't consider it as a date, but rather a case of two guys going out.