Monday, 28 April 2008


The past few days have been crazy.

I have not been myself.

Work, school, exams, are just taking up almost all of my time.
My relationship with Sam has been suffering.

The trip to Texas has led me to question certain things about my relationship with Sam.
I know he wants to take it to the next level, even hinting at meeting my parents.
That's something I'm not prepared to do.

To further exacerbate things, I met someone in Dallas.
I'm not one to have sex with a guy I just met.
But it just happened. It was only a one night stand.
Yet, he has called me several times.

I guess I'm not ready for a fully drawn out relationship.
That's something I cannot give, at least not now.
Sam and I are in a "cool off" period.

It's obvious that we're no longer on the same page.


Quentin X said...

Is this cool off a good thing or a bad thing? I thought Sam was a nice bloke.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

no worries, you have all the time to catch up...

cant_u_read said...

whatever happens between you and sam, and between you and "dallas boy", i hope u learn your lessons well nd that u come out a better, wiser person.

Anonymous said...


And we think that out-of-town trips and biglaan sex are just from the movies. =(

Oh well, if you guys get over this, hopefully, then it will only make your "relationship" stronger.