Saturday, 27 September 2008

Dallas Mini Birthday Vacation

This post is long overdue. I spent my birthday weekend this month in Dallas. It was a blast! I am seriously thinking about moving there after I graduate this December (FINALLY!).

Stayed in a typical hotel room by Westin which I shared with my best friends. Beds were uber-comfortable and they even had a double-headed...shower!

I really didn't take very many pictures of my own beacuse:
a) my camera sucks
b) i wasn't in a picture-taking mood
c) the rest of my friends did all the 'kodakan'

We ate at Palomino's which is a great restaurant at a street which I now forgot. I had the paella. It was fantastic.

Then we met up with a friend of a friend--Marian and went clubbing at Purgatory. It was a straight club so I didn't dance as much as I wanted to. I still get self-conscious.

The next day I shopped 'til I dropped at NorthPark Mall which is a very beautiful place and paid a visit at Neiman on Main St. where I added Pradas to my small shoe collection. NorthPark Mall always has ongoing art exhibitions and this time it was sculptures out of cans. This one called 'chicken of the sea' the tuna.

That night, we went clubbin' at Station 4, probably one of the best gay clubs I've been to. It has a good mix of people and races. The tunes were awesome and I of course shook my booty to Lola Cyndi.

I even danced with some very very gorgeous men. I got drunk. You'll know I'm drunk when I start grindin' on a stranger's crotch. My friend got even drunker. I started talking like Patsy Stone and that was it. Apparently, the highlight of the night was when my friend D kissed his Thai crush! It was a kilig moment!

The next day we visited Six Flags Over Texas.

I don't do roller coasters, but somehow my friends convinced me to ride the Texas Giant. It was probably one of the roughest rides of my life. I was bruised by the end of the ride. I saw the cutest Half Asian Everr! He was so cute and he was PLU! I was too intimidated to flirt! Oh Well at least I took a picture of the Green Lantern!

And What a Lantern it is!

We finished the night by eating at Nick and Sam's, one of THE BEST steakhouses in Dallas. the waiters were beautiful, the wine was excellent, and the chateaubriand melted in your mouth.

All in all, it was the best birthday EVER!

Next year we plan to take a bite out of the Big Apple...

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