Thursday, 13 December 2007

A Hundred

This is my hundreth (is that a word?) post. I just want to thank everyone who visit and read my ramblings and I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to those who comment.

I didn't start this blog for money or for fame. It was an outlet for me, to share my thoughts and my secrets with others. It's really been quite a fulfilling experience and the intrinsic rewards are priceless.

This Christmas I wish you all great joy, happiness, and laughter.
So cheer up, do some shopping, and smile. We're all fabulous!

If not then this link should do the trick.

Or try this one.

claws or claus? peep or pip? you choose! :P


jon go said...

congratulations! here's to a hundred even a thousand more! just like you, blogging is an outlet for me.. at least i don't need to hire a therapist... yet! hahaha..

Bryan Anthony the First said...

yehey! ilabas ang champagne!!!


chase said...

yey!!! congratz!!

Streams of Consciousness said... more blog... :-)

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

@jon- thank you! it's really been very fulfilling.

@bryan- yes dahling! bottle of veuve coming up!

@chase- thank you so much for reading and leaving comments. it means a lot to me :)

@streams- you already know about me. lol.

Anonymous said...

whoaaaa!!! nora & vilma singing the same song!!! and i thought we were over with the holloween season, yuk yuk yuk!

John, to your centenary post, and more to cum and for us to read! Tnx for sharing ur lyf. :-)