Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Where Are the People?

I've heard this question several times before, especially from Chase.

This is in reference to the photos of St. Petersburg which I post in my blog. Well, let me explain and hypothesize. St. Petersburg is a small city (a little over 200 thousand) which means crowds are not a problem. Also, it can be called a 'commuter city' since most people (like yours truly) live in the outlying suburbs. Furthermore, most of the city residents are the elderly and stay indoors most of the time. I also believe that since Florida can be called "Death's Waiting Room", they just die off. Therefore, there aren't many people in St. Petersburg.

This problem is currently being addressed by the City Council by trying to revive the city through art projects and building condos that many people can't afford.

Next time, I'll try to take a picture with people in it.

I promise. :)


chase said...

okai.. that's the reason why.. hehehehe..

thanks for the explanation. ;)

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

You know this city is actually pretty sad. It's just soooo dead. Pretty and quaint, but dead.