Monday, 12 January 2009


I am nowhere near an Oprah fan. My Aunt adores Oprah, even subscribes to the magazine. But I was at best indifferent. Larry King did an entire show about her weight gain. I instantly related to her. Here was this woman, so fabulously wealthy and super connected. Yet she's so ashamed about her size.

Like Oprah, my biggest insecurity is my weight. I am no twinky Asian. I wish I was. I just don't have that lean, small frame. It sucks! I have always been chubby except when I was a child. So I lost weight in high school, even made the football team. Then gained the weight back. So now I am fat again!

I need to lose lots of weight before my...25th birthday. Anyone have any advice? I've limited my diet to like 1500 calories a day. Whole grains only and more protein meals. I'm planning to change gyms so I can have a trainer. I was considering going to this doctor that specializes on weight loss. If I could take tina and coke to lose weight I would! If only it were legal...j/k.

Wish me luck guys!


TNC said...

The greater issue around weight loss is to be able to live a healthy lifestyle. For me, a healthy lifestyle encompases three things: nutrition, exercise and rest.

First, you have to nurture your body and watch what you put in it. You really are what you eat. In my experience, nutrition is educating yourself on what is good/bad, and then having the will power to make the better decision (decision making skills). I recommend you do some research on eating the right foods, portion control, and what to avoid. Once you have the information, then you can make the right decisions on what to eat to meet your physical goals, such as protein to build muscle.

Next, a goal-oriented exercise regimine is important. Look at your body now and then decide what you want it to be in the future. I see a lot of gym goers aimlessly and effortlessly using weights and machines. They seem lost and without knowledge. is a good site with plenty of resources for free. The more muscle you build, the more fat you burn, and the faster your metabolism. If you decide on a personal trainer, then he can give you the tips of form, reps, sets, exercises, goals, etc. Trainers can also help with nutrition questions.

Lastly, you must allow your body to rest 7 - 8 hours a day. Your body needs to re-charge and build muscle - given exercise - over night. You can work out and eat right constantly. But without rest, your body will not grow muscle and absorb the nutrients properly. If you nap during the day, do it before 3 PM and for less than one hour.

Remember that this is a lifestyle change - rather than just weight loss - and only over time will you see the positive changes. You will have to decide whether or not you want to put your health priority and then make time for it accordingly. Though some diets can give relatively quick results, they generally never work long term, so people give up.

I hope this helps! Best of luck.

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Thx for the advice! I am slowly getting into a healthy eating pattern. I've lost 5 lbs already! =)

Mac Callister said...

try southbeach diet my friend loose a lot of weights through that and a lot of discipline.

goodluck with that