Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Bathroom Fight

To me, nothing says I love you like cleaning your boyfriend's dirty, nasty, stinky bathroom. Sam found me hunched over the tub scrubbing furiosly a la Joan Crawford. The smell of bleach waffed throught his entire apartment. What can I say? Nothing smells cleaner than bleach. If it can kill plants, it can kill germs!

"What are you doing?" he asked.
"Cleaning." I retorted. "You can literally write on the soap scum. See?"
I pointed at the spot where I wrote 'Clean Me.'
"Ok." Sam replied curtly.

I knew he was upset. Had I stepped over the line? Did I do the wrong thing by finally taking action? I hinted to him several times over about the bathroom being 'a little skanky'.

He was silent through dinner. We had the classical music playing in the background. I fiddled with the chicken. I didn't have much of an appetite. He cleared the plates and I retreated to the bedroom where I worked on papers for school. A few hours later, the chill was still in the air and he tok off his clothes and jumped into bed. I laid down beside him and he turned on the TV. Breakfast at Tiffany's was playing.
"I love this movie." I said.

He only grunted.
"Listen, I'm sorry if I upset you. It's just that I don't like dirty bathrooms and I have like an OCD on cleanliness. I'm a neatfreak. You know that."

I gave him the sad puppy dog eyes.
"I'm sorry too. It's just that I was embarassed," he said.

I snuggled up next to him and put my head on his shoulders. He took my hand and intertwined our fingers. Audrey Hepburn sang.

"I love you baby."
"I love you too."

I looked into his eyes and kissed him. He spooned me.
To Sam, Nothing says I love you like spooning.

Happy Valentines Day everyone and a wonderful S.A.D to the rest !


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awww.. how cute... and spooning too.. that too is cute. ehehehehe