Thursday, 14 February 2008

Lunch Date

Since Sam was going to leave for business on the 14th, we decided to celebrate last night. I came over his apartment last night and he had Al Green playing. Well one ting lead to another...and there I was finding myself in an uncompromising position... between his legs.

The next day I woke up to Sam kissing me on the lips and he slowly and achingly made his way down to my 'special no-no spot' which he proceeded to ravage with gusto. The afterglow stayed with me throughout the rest of the day. That's the thing about sex. When it's good, the endorphins can last for a very long time.

We finally dragged ourselves out of bed and decided to have lunch at Cafe Alma.

I had the Salade Ni├žoise. It was absolutely delicious. There was perfect balance between the sweetness of the balsamic reduction dressing and the saltiness of the capers. The leafy greens were fluffy and light and the fresh tuna was seared to perfection.

Sam had the Sauteed Calamari. It was served on a bed of baby spinach. I, of course, had to taste it. It was absolutely yummy.

Since I'm not suppose to have sugar, Sam shared his creme brulee with me. The sugar was hard and cracked when hit with a spoon which is how creme brulee should be.

The decor could use a little improvement though. I'm not feeling the whole Bohemian, dark interiors. Still, it's a fantastic place because of the food and the great service.

Hope y'all 'got it on' on VDay!


Bryan Anthony the First said...

no food please
i'm trying to super lose weight

hmmm so in between his legs...cozy ba dun?

chase said...

great food after a great sex.. yummm.. my kind of thing..

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

@bryan- super super cozy!

@chase- there's always something about sex that makes me hungry afterwards.