Thursday, 13 September 2007

My Thoughts On Erap

To those of you who judge Estrada as just some petty politician who is out only for himself, I say "Don't judge a book by its cover." I have been lucky enough to have met the former President and can only judge him to be a well-meaning, sincere, and charming man. There's been a lot of ugly things written about him, and I hope that people look real hard at themselves and the other politicians who are guilty of the same sins.

Consider the fact that his former best friend, the admitted "jueteng lord", is now hailed as a national hero. Now that is perverse! His old enemies have now become allies, while allies have turned to enemies.Politics does indeed make for strange bedfellows.

I can't even imagine how his family feels right now.

After all the politicking is over, I will still remember the jovial man whom I met years ago when I was still a boy living in San Juan. That memory of Erap will be the one I hearken to whenever someone calls him a monster. I can only wish him the best.

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chase said...

the courts had spoken.
we all just hope for the best.