Thursday, 6 September 2007

My *wish* list

As you folks might know, yours truly will be celebrating a dreaded bday this week. In fact, it's on September the 8th. Since this will be my *ehem* 21st +++ birthday.
I have compiled a wish list.
Here goes...

1.the Louis Vuitton Bastille

Photo Courtesy of the Purseblog

2.the Louis Vuitton Taiga Dersou

Photo Courtesy of the Purseblog

3. the Louis Vuitton Kasbek PM

Photo Courtesy of the Purseblog

4. Dior Homme Large Shopper

Courtesy of

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Cape Sweater 'cuz I love love love big collars!

Courtesy of

6. McQ Alexander Mc Queen Moleskin Blazer

Courtesy of

7. 3.1 Phillip Lim Inspector Coat

Courtesy of

8. Dolce and Gabbana Black Messenger Bag

Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

9. Marc Jacobs Pan Am Flight Bag

Photo Courtesy of Chuvaness

10. An illustration of me by Pepper Roxas

11. A painting by Josh

12. Shopping with Chuvaness.

13. An Internship with Lola Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel

14. Lunch with Thakoon

15. A date with a crush...I won't tell who he is. My lips are sealed.

Hey! It's FREE to DREAM. :)

If any of you have noticed, I didn't include shoes.

That's on a list of its own.

I have more wishes, but that's for another list. Maybe tomorrow. It's 3AM already.



Sofia for BiSEAN said...

You left a comment on our blog, the name got me, followed the link and voila!!!! -- pretty sights indeed.

LV leads me anywhere, so here I am. <3

You got good taste honey.

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

OH I retract that!....You got "impeccable" taste. Me, coming here frequently. :-)

Q The Conqueror said...

I am in love with the Alexander McQueen Moleskin Blazer. The Inspector coat is kinda feminine looking and theres something not quite right with the Marc Jacobs.

I like the Dolce and Gabbana messenger bag and the LV Bastille. *sigh* Too bad that it would probably cost me about... 2 to 4 months without eating just to pay for one of those.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPPY BDAY to you!(Phil time) Hey, y not. I can write an icon for you. (Though i still have pending promises to other bloggers, hehehe, i can put you in line!) Well tell me who is your favorite saint?

shower of blessings for you today and many more birthdays to come!

chase said...

ewan ko bah.. parang hindi bagay sa akin ang mga stuff na yan. hhihihi

Streams of Consciousness said...

messenger bags are out..flight bags are in..tha Marc Jacobs PanAm bag is abfb!

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Sofia- I am so honored to have you visit. I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy!

Q- Isn't the moleskin just abfab?!?! I love the Marc Jacobs piece because of the big collars and the Inspector Coat is like my Burberry Trench coat but shorter and more well...feminine. hehe.

Josh- thank you soooo much! I've always been partial to Mama Mary, but as for saint the most interesting one to me is Saint Ursula...

Chase- "To each his own..." But always keep an open mind. Maybe if you try one on you'll absolutely fall in love with it. Like when I first put on a Givenchy Sweater.

Streams- Neverrrr! I'll never give up my messenger bags. LOL. Isn't that MJ PanAm bag fabulous!?!?! I love it.

joy-joy said...

i like the D&G black messenger bag. i wanna have one too. :D