Sunday, 2 September 2007


Where did summer go?

Then again, it never really leaves Florida. The temperature outside is well above 90 degrees and will continue to be so until November.

Now that the "ber" months are here, Christmas comes closer and closer. That means that the shopping season will start. I promised myself that I will finish my Christmas shopping very very early this year. My deadline: before Thanksgiving.

I am slowly inching towards graduation and to tell you folks the truth:

I am terrified.

Once I graduate, I'll have to go out on my own and I've even flirted with the idea of moving to a new city. My parents support my idea. They really have no choice.

I think September is my favorite month. It's the beginning and the end. The end of summer fun and the beginning of school. Out with sandals and shorts, In with long coats and furs. Lest we forget, New York Fashion Week starts September 5th.

Anyway I leave you now with my September song.


Streams of Consciousness said...

..and no white after Labor Day..except for the winter whites..heehehe

jon go said...

the thought of leaving something comforting and going onto something new and unexplored might sound scary but believe me, you will love it.. :)

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

streams- the White rule doesn't apply to me. I live in Florida. It's eternal sunshine. Whites are allowed and even encouraged especially when playing tennis.

jon- i hope i will. i'll think of it as an adventure.