Saturday, 17 November 2007

C'est une La Tour!

It's Saturday night and I'm alone. At home. Not at Sam's apartment.

Anyway, I'd just like to share some of my favorite paintings. Yes, I used to only like old impressionist saps like Monet, but several art appreciation classes ago, I was introduced to Georges de La Tour.

The Dream of St. Joseph

The Education of the Virgin


This is one of my favorites. Since it's close to Christmas, I use it as my desktop image. It's called The Newborn Christ. It's religious, but not overtly religious. It shows simplicity and complexity at the same time. Notice the candle and the hand that shields the light emanating from it. Notice how most of the light is centered upon the newborn as if anointing him. This effect is known as Chiaroscuro. Good stuff eh??

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Anonymous said...

HI john, been i while since urs truly visited ur blog, i scan all ur posts a bit, i see dat u have a new and improve blog look, and condolence to the passing of ur grandma (enternal rest grant unto her o Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her, i try to include here name, what's her first name again?, in our mass intentions for the souls.

These paintings are nostalgic and indeed hav religious theme but with more on human overtone... i like the way people r painted, like dolls/muppets but with a more human feel! :)