Thursday, 15 November 2007

Timing is Everything

Where'd the TIME go? Next week it'll be Thanksgiving and after that Christmas. Thanksgiving really kicks off the star of the Holiday Season here in the US. In fact, the Friday after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday. It's when there are really great sales early in the morning. Only hardcore shoppers--like my Mom--are the ones who really go. She did get great bargains though like a great digital camera for less than a $100 and a laptop for less than $300.

I really should've started my Christmas shopping already and began the process of sending cards. I also have finals, term papers, and a pseudo relationship to juggle. I've been spending way too much time with Sam, and not enough with my Accounting books. Hence, I bombed my last Accounting test. Then there's also work which has kept me oh so busy.

I wish there were 48 hours in a day.

I gotta go and write my paper now about International Financial Institutions and how they act as an informal World government.

But right now, All I can think of is snuggling up next to Sam.

Wish me luck.

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