Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A Fitting End

I finished watching Sex and the City. For the first time ever, I was carded by the ticket lady. I was very flattered since I am nowhere near underage. I used to watch SATC in high school for God's sake.

Some thoughts about it:
I love how Carrie wore the fur coat from the very first episode.
I love how Carrie said "Just get me a really BIG closet." Awesome.
I love how Samantha still has sex and how love finally got her.
I love the clothes, the shoes, the bags.
Mr. Big is still one hot daddy.

I wasn't too fond of Miranda's hair.
Steve's aged considerably. We're talking crow's feet.
The product placements were too overwhelming.
The Louise character was unnecessary and a waste of Hudson's talent. It was all fluff. The whole entire assistant thing was just weird. I couldn't even imagine Carrie hiring an assistant when the show was still on. I have to agree with Jessica Zafra, Louise was put there by Louis Vuitton.

Overall it was like seeing old friends again. The final scene made me feel old and sad. It a fitting end for the four girls. I hope they don't make a sequel it'll definitely just ruin it. Sometimes things are better left alone so that we can appreciate it for years to come. Plus, who really wants to see Samantha have sex when she's like 60...

Watch it. You won't regret it. I am DEFINITELY buying the dvd when it comes out.


cant_u_read said...

seen it. loved. got carrie-d away.

and i sobbed big time in the brooklyn bridge scene.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

di ko pa napanood

btw, i'll do the tag soon
super tagal na noh