Monday, 2 June 2008


I've been tagged by Corporate Closet to list ten random things about me.

Rules First:
1. List ten random things about yourself.
2.Post the rules.
3.Choose ten other people to tag so that it spreads like a virus.
4. Comment on their site that they have been tagged.

Random Things About Me.

1. I do smoke, but only when I drink. There's nothing like a cigarette when drinking scotch. I really only drink when I go out with friends. Hence, I can't even be qualified as a smoker.

2. I admire Drag Queens and transvestites. I really love love love how some of them can look like the most beautifully dressed women. It takes a lot of balls for someone to go out there in a dress.

3. I hope to see people who I haven't seen someday soon. I have family all over the world. Dubai, London, Berlin and Australia--I haven't seen some of my Aunts since I was 12. Sad huh?

4. Rice is my downfall. Every time I have a week of eating rice rice rice I gain weight weight weight. I also love ice cream. I've battled with my weight since after high school when I stopped being active in sports. The Freshman fifteen for me was more like the Freshman fifty. And it got worse. I've yo-yo'ed weight-wise for years. I've finally come to the realization to cut out rice forever.

5. I fear growing old. Whenever I hear about old classmates marrying or having children I think to myself "Fuck! I'm OLD!"

6. I have special underwear to wear when I go on dates. Call it 'lucky underpants'.

7. I love the idea of being in love. But I just can't seem to surrender myself to the other person's every whim. The last relationship was all give and no take. I do still love him, but it just wasn't working out. As Samantha always said "I love you. But I love me more."

8. I listen to Ted Failon and Korina Sanchez whenever I can. They're better on the radio where they can express their opinions and make fun of politicians, but in a way that even the politicians themselves cannot decipher. I think Korina is the bomb, but her show on TV is CORNY.

9. My biggest insecurity is still about my body. I don't wear shorts because of it. But don't get me wrong, I am comfortable in my own skin and I do love love love myself!

10. Fantasy: Rough sex. Imagine when a gorgeous guy with chiseled muscles just comes up to me and asks "Wanna f*c*?" He then proceeds to have his way with me calling me all kinds of dirty names. And he just does me really good like when your head keeps hitting the headboard. Then he would force me to...well...let's not get carried away. This isn't Kwentong Kalibugan.

There you have it.

Now I tag Reyna Elena, Empress Maruja, Bryan, Q the Conqueror, Rye and Chase--with hope he will come back to blogging.

On a separate note, A special thanks to Manolo Quezon for mentioning my post on Meralco on his blog. Kinda embarassed because I really write about stupid stuff. Anyway I think you are ADORABLE Manolo. There's nothing sexier in a man than intelligence and a passion for his cause.


Anonymous said...

But did you know that Korina is the biggest impaktita/maldita/suplada in all of ABS-CBN? Hehehe!

I like the idea of lucky underpants.

Q The Conqueror said...

There. I posted. Lol. Now back to being busy. hahahah.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

hala, cge mag post ako soon.


John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

@miggy- yes. i've heard korina is the biggest biotch in town. i love her.

@q- thank you for the efforts. i've missed you.

@bryan- no rush!

cant_u_read said...

i've been too lazy too long to not know i've been tagged. doing it tomorrow, promise!

cant_u_read said...

homework done!


i had fun doing it. thanks for the tag!