Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Texas Junket

Here are some pictures of San Antonio and Dallas. I should've posted them long ago. My impression of Texas? Big and Fun! I thought it was just as state full of cowboys and homophobes. Little did I know. Texans are proud of their state and are extremely friendly people. I started my trip in Dallas to pick up friends and drove through Austin and into San Antonio then back to Dallas again. Tiring, but fun with friends.

Reunion Tower. The Hyatt Regency is on the left.

I love this building. Looks like a rocket ready to take flight. Apparently, it was designed by I.M. Pei.

Downtown Dallas

Ate at a fabulous Japanese place. Yes. I finished it all. Except for the rice.

Once we got to San Antonio, I insisted that we take the river boat cruise. Saw these chica ladies in hats.

A long time ago, the San Antonio River flooded all the time. So what did the Government do? Control the river! Flood gates and so on were created. San Antonio's Ladies Society (from what I can recall the guide telling me) decided to create a park along the riverbanks where people can walk and enjoy themselves.

San Antonio is a very lovely picturesque city. Full of tourists and old people. Hence, the night life kinda stinks. No one told us that Austin was so much better at night.

Here's the obligatory shot of the Alamo. It looks much better at night. It's where Texas fought for independence against Mexico. Yes. Texas used to be part of Mexico. Then it became it's own independent country until annexation by the US. Read about it here.

I'll be going back to Dallas in soon. I didn't even get to see the original Neiman Marcus store!

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