Saturday, 20 October 2007

A Statement

As many of you know, the blast that occurred in Makati yesterday killed nine innocent people and injured dozens of others. Many are now shocked, scared, and angered. But I am certain that this too shall pass. The resiliency of the Filipino people will shine through as always.

It is my fervent hope that this tragedy be treated with dignity and respect. This is no time for politics. It is a tragedy and should be left at just that.

I hope that we can all draw lessons from such a tragedy--to cherish life and live it as if each day were your last.

May the the innocent souls of the victims rest in peace and those who are injured to heal.

Note: This post has been edited.


mrs.j said...

i so agree! hay its just sad...

reynz said...

they're now saying it's an accident, let's see what happens because i feel like this is going to end up as just another "unsolved mysteries"

john be anonymous said...

its 11 dead as of now, and its more on accident nga daw.. hmmm.. lets see... may they rest in peace..