Friday, 19 October 2007

The Virgin Queen

I always found Queen Elizabeth the First to be one of the most fascinating people in history. She gave up happiness, love, and marriage in order to serve her people. So when a special friend invited me to watch Elizabeth: The Golden Age, I didn't give it a second thought. The trailer looked interesting anyway.

But sadly, Cate Blanchett's superb acting can only do so much. The movie was B-O-R-I-N-G. So boring that the people below us started to nod off. It was also chock full of historical inaccuracies. Walter Raleigh in love with Elizabeth...

If you really want the most accurate depiction of the life of Elizabeth I, try Helen Mirren's Elizabeth I. It's fantastic.

Now as long as we are on the subject of Elizabeth and Helen Mirren, her performance in The Queen, for which she won an Oscar was just stellar. It really humanized the the current Queen and I began to sympathize with her. She really didn't plan Princess Diana's death. That idea is absurd. Anyway, go watch The Queen, its a fantastic movie!

When I become Queen, I'll wear Chanel suits and Oscar de la Renta. :P


Anonymous said...

john, u can always be d Queen in d morning, in d Rest Room, hehehe.

chase said...

i love biographical stories of historical figures.. that really fascinate me..
i love history.

anyway, i haven't seen that movie.
but will definitely catch that one.

i've seen queen marie antoinette starred by kirsten dunst.
my siblings find it boring but i really love the movie.
too bad her guillotine execution and hear court hearing wasn't shown in the movie.