Thursday, 11 October 2007

We're Here

We're Here
We're Queer
Get Used to It!

Today marks National Coming Out Day here in the US.

I say more power to those who wish to come out of the closet and lead lives of honesty. Maybe someday I'll have the courage to do the same.

Enough with the drama.

Watch this!


Bryan Anthony the First said...

out na mga ate!!!!!! parang di yata well publicized yung coming out day na to...sayo ko lang nalaman...

reynz said...

john: eversince I came out, my relatives, nephews, nieces, couzins everbody naging bugaw! HAHAHA! most of my BF bitbit nang mga nephew at nieces kooooo! HAHAHA!

na-tag pala kita:

Anonymous said...

WTF in d ass, hehehe. nice one john, happy to every-all! :)

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

bryan- di nga sya publicized as much as other causes

reyna- i hope my family would have the same reaction. i'll answer your meme (tama ba?) as soon as i can.

josh- i laughed when i first saw it.

chase said...

wow.. this is the first time i've heard about this kind of celebration..